Viral Marketing: Glad I’m not an Orange!!

at it again!

As an Internet Marketer, we are exploring the concept of Viral Marketing, specifically videos this month, and all of the components that make up shareable and intriguing content.

As part of one of my assignments, I picked a random video from Viral Video Chart – top ratings on viral videos, and Annoying Orange had this only out 2 days with  shared content of almost 49K shares!!! OMG, that’s right, I said almost 50K viewers!!! It’s still #2 overall!

Inspiration for this Video: I thought it would be good timing to watch something with a “Harry Potter” theme, since it did just launch this week in both 2-3D!  I was not one of the hobbyists that stood outside the theatre camping out…but it sure gives something to talk about! That said, over 8K comments as well…WOW!

Summary: This is an annoying yet entertaining spoof on the Harry Potter wizardry with creepy fruit faces from humans.  The voices of the fruit are even annoying, but it does have a compelling storyline interestingly enough!  I did watch the entire 4+ minutes of the story, and was intrigued most of the time…what a surprise!

Stats:  48,864 shares and 350,955 views

Content category: Entertainment

Demographic: A younger and more easy-going generation.  Both Male and Female as well as youth, 12-18 years old would appreciate the comedy most, but hey, I’m twice that age and still was compelled.

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A Tisket A Tasket – Come and Brand your Basket!

Not only does Gift Baskets and Gadgets Galore have cool and unique inventory, we actually have our own in-house design team to assist you with your creativity process if you are feeling indecision!  Don’t be shy…browse our stock, feel inspired, and let us know how we can facilitate your best basket building experience ever!

Landing Page for Gift Baskets for All

Build a Custom Basket today!

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Gift Baskets…not just for the females anymore!

Gift Baskets and Gadgets Galore!  This is a manly man’s kind of basket when it includes GADGETS!!  There are plenty of the more traditional styles, but we are unique in that we offer items that appeal to the true manly man…and putting together  a gadget basket helps to recognize you inner queen geek!

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Join Me…Internet Marketing & You!

I’m hoping to get some inspiration flowing to join on the Internet Marketing super-highway!  I can help you get more familiar and comfortable with the tech tools of the 21st Century and take you on a journey you will never forget!


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Social Media Marketing PDX – Like it Today!

Social Media Marketing PDXLIKE this page TODAY!

The social media doesn’t stop here in Portland, but this is where a lot of inspiration comes from! The lovely thing about internet marketing, is that it is a global and world-wide rave! Check out some of the articles, tips/tricks, and trends that have been posted on this Fan Page dedicated to, you guessed it! SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!

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FOWA Review: Web Startup Pitches that Stick

TechCrunch Pitch at FOWA (Future of Web Apps)

This video presented panel reviewers to evaluate entrepreneur concept pitches in Europe. An awesome way to get good ideas, quickly presented, discussed, and evaluated.  The top 3 presenters that honed in on the pitch, idea, and revenue generating business models were:

  • eRepublic
  • iPlatform

Here were my key take-aways:

Pitching and Presentation Approach

Pitch and Practice is so important for startups to get their message out and practice skills.  The process of limiting the presentations to only 60 seconds really invites succinct, clear understanding of the main concepts of the business model (or not), so it’s important to be able to hone in on what your message is and how you can clearly articulate your idea.  Another sure-fire way to get attention from your investors is to “get the curve” to get the money.  If you have the traffic to prove it and the stats vs. just telling everything in a powerpoint, it’s better received.

Displaying the core skills and core competencies is important in the presentation. No one cares about philosophy and it isn’t going to help you win by taking down other popular trends to boost your own service. I really liked the tip of not “talking” about the product, but rather to “tell” in a slide with a widget or interface in order to better relay the story of the product, we want to “see” it in action! “Show what you do, don’t tell”.  Also, if you can show your passion and let the love of your product come through, you will better capture your audience’s attention.

Evaluating a Good Idea

All companies chosen to present were encouraged to go out and do good things – it’s refreshing for startups to be able to practice telling their stories.


The panel of judges was great to watch and how they could focus on the risk management towards the product/service/concept presented looking at the platform and discuss the typical business model is important to understand where the concepts can be syndicated.

For instance, what would potential investors think?  How is Consumer adoption aspects being covered?  Thinking about the consumer space really helps to understand the relevance of the service or product.


Generating Revenue – Discussing Business Models

There were a lot of great business models discussed such as Lead-Generation, mailings and mobile, subscription, virtual economy and currency exchange, and API engagement to allow cross platform interaction.

  • Lead-generations marketers really getting on board with possibilities of mailing lists, etc. where thinking of the different distribution methods such as mailings or mobile could generate interest.
  • Conceptual ads, premium users and affiliate revenue from calendaring events – conceptually good if you have a killer domain name, but you need to differentiate your product to really have it catch with the majority of the audience (young women); the market is focused, this is important.
  • Multiplayer online strategy game, virtual economy can be profitable revenue, with 3000 vendors (and republic gold market currency exchange).  The competition comparison advantage is the text based platform and their reverse engineering is based on the current beta user’s feedback
  • Casual games w/ combination of strategy games that can be accomplished in less time.
  • Virtual currency will overtake the subscription models, since the payment of the goods in the games will pay for the cost of the subscription.
  • API to developed to engage the customers; stock markets and a perfect addiction for those out of work bankers and the niche audience of the upcoming virtual worlds.  250M playing online games currently – China and Korea are going to take off, especially since they’ve already received money with an already active beta with a curve showing progress.


Carsonified, F., & Future of Web Apps, . (Producer). (). TechCrunch Pitch. [Television series]. :

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy? What’s That?

Yoga therapy helps you to get in touch with your own body and diagnose your own condition and work with your state wherever you’re at.  The idea is to gain “mastery” over your own mind chatter so that you can learn to look, observe, and work with what is there and deal with it.  This doesn’t only pertain to the mind, but in particular the body.

I’ve had the opportunity to be introduced to this process, specifically Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with Alison Wesley who not only works as a Corporate Yoga instructor, but has a deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of the Ayurvedic doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha) and integrates and strengthens spirituality in her practices.  Each of these dosha types have an impact on your well-being and can get off balance with different seasons, foods, exercises, you name it!  After this detox/cleanse, I thought it would be perfect to integrate more of the Ayurvedic philosophies and maybe learn to be more present with my body.

I’m already a member of Bally Total Fitness, as well as Core Power Yoga, and they are a nice balance with my physical form.  I’ve noticed over the last 6 months of Yoga at Core Power with consistency, my body is changing…perhaps that is what serendipitously led me to the cleanse?

I just attended a workshop (FREE) mind you, at the 12 Step Buddhist group last night and Alison was the guest speaker.  She connected instantly with the group, and being the first day of my “official” cleanse, I also connected deeply.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Auyervedic Doshas. Learn your’s by taking this quiz: If we can understand and determine our dominant dosha it will help to re-align our energy and re-balance:

  • Vata: Air, Space, Ether – when you have an excess of Vata, you tend to have more depression, bi-polar moods, mental imbalance
  • Pitta: Fire and Water – when you have an excess of Pitta, you tend to burnout easier and you are more prone to digestive problems and anger
  • Kapha: Earth and Water – these types tend to have thicker tissues and are prone to stagnation  and/or depression

We also discussed how the postures of yoga represent and reflect ideas and principles such as:

  • Surrender vs. Force
  • Letting Go
  • Attachment
  • Self Care
  • Community

When we explore our “edges” in yoga, this is the point in which  you are making progression towards a posture, and you feel the edge of the move.  You have to listen to your body and then breathe into that posture in order to understand where your edge is with the pose.

When we are FORCING we have this edge in mind and we tend to push through vs. SURRENDERING where we lead with the heart and listen to the edge and only go as far as your limit.  The hard part about this edge is that it changes constantly depending on our consistency, balance or imbalance, and energy of the day.  When we learn to LET GO we focus on where we are vs. where our mind tells us we want to go.  This is the root of suffering in yoga, the ATTACHMENT to our physical form.  It was mind blowing to me to hear Alison say, “our body is now our truth”.  This only means it is not the end result, our true nature and self is beyond physical form, we just don’t know how to listen to this very well.

Next Up: discussing the different Asanas (postures) and meditations that were prescribed!

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Fall Detox – the Ayurvedic Way

Fall Detox – the Ayurvedic Way

It’s that time of year when a good transition to the new season calls for a rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit!  What better way to do this than a natural cleanse to help transition into fall?  I’ve been considering my bodywork for a while now, and this just happens to fit right into my schedule, so I’m taking a 3-week course from Digestion and Detox Specialist, Susan Ashleigh Bass (Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga Therapist, RYT).

I’ve decided to outline and blog my experience with the process since I’m both 1) new to blogging, and 2) never done a cleanse.   I feel that my experience can benefit others in this way, and I might then be able to be more aware of the process as I go through it.

DAY 1-7 (Pre-Cleanse)
Consists of diet modifications, yoga regimen, and breathing exercises.

  • BODY: integrating healthy foods – flushing the fire and cleansing the lymph
  • SPEECH: doing some energy work with breathing practices
  • MIND: yoga poses to focus on draining the lymph (butterfly, downward dog, sun salutations, forward fold, and warrior)

Day 1:

  • Morning: It started out with a full 12 oz. glass of room temperature water, a 20-min yoga routine, and then breakfast = apple, green smoothie (Odwalla), and oat bar — notice, there is NO COFFEE in this list.  I actually think this has been an amazing adjustment that there were no cravings for caffeine either, although, I did start the headache almost immediately by mid-afternoon.
  • Afternoon: I had a salad, included the pertinent ingredients (celery, sunflower seeds, garbonzo beans), but had to add the dressing – just a tad.  I also had a small bowl of corn chowder with potatoes (not on the list). Evening: a schmorgus-board of individual foods…don’t know how to make real meals quite yet.

Other Special Events: Shamanic Fire Ceremony
This was a new moon fire ceremony from the Shamanic Peruvian tradition, good day to start the cleanse! More details can be found about Shamanic Meetups in PDX by visiting the Spirituality section of this blog. 


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Ayurvedic Cleanse – Day 2

Body:  Getting used to not just eating everything I feel like eating when I feel like eating it.  I stopped at the store to get the “grocery list” of lymph-moving items (green beens, celery, zuchhini and parsley) for the green smoothies, bok choy, leeks  (my new favorite!) different rices, red fruits for eliminating the bile (beets, pomagranates), and rice cakes, chickpeas, beans, Nori, rice milk, steel cut oats, OH MY…half of these things I don’t have a clue what to do with.  It is a little intimidating to not know how to mix these to make a meal or something other than a finger food snack which I’m so used to throwing together. At least night two, I had a few more items to create a meal (squash soup pre-made), but better than nothing, and brown rice (from the rice cooker, not instant) for the salad.

Yoga (hot Core Power yoga 105 degrees) is part of the routine today.  This asana incorporates all of the cleanse routine postures, as well as some strengthening poses to work on flexibility and endurance.

Speech: Thursday night, not a bad experience energy wise, I’m a little cranky…trying to make my first meal expunged a few curt words, but overall, ready to begin the transformation.

Mind: I haven’t noticed much in regards to agitation or cloudiness other than the usual rush of multi-tasking, and schedule keeping.

Other Special Events: Women of Wisdom Meditation Meeting (topic just happened to be on self-care, food, exercise, and the importance of these things to balance body, spirit and mind)…how apropos! Looks like I’m right on track!

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